About vNatural

vNatural brings to you a range of Natural products like Coconut Oil, Pepper, Cardamom, Turmeric, Honey and much more. Natural products contain fewer impurities than conventionally grown counterparts, letting to consume products when no worries. To make they are free of preservatives, antioxidants, chemicals and other impurities, vNatural's products go through international testing, to ultimately bring to you only the best.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

vNatural's Coconut Oil is abundant in beCoconut Oil is incredibly popular, and for valid reasons. It is very versatile and offers many benefits. vNatural's Coconut Oil, too, is abundant in benefits. Unlike usual ways of processing that end up removing a lot of the good essential fatty acids and antioxidants, we use much milder and better methods. The fact that it is organic adds to shelf-life, taste and its nutritional value. And don't worry about the cholesterol - Coconut Oil is bestowed with the 'Good' HDL. a host of beneficial nutrients.

NutriSustain Process ensures that the essential nutrients present in coconut are preserved at every stage of extraction which gives the oil a greater antioxidant level, prolonged stability and shelf life, making it healthiest & tastiest cooking oil.

What is NutriSustain Process?

Commercially available Coconut Oil tends to last fewer weeks and turn rancid thereafter thanks to the moisture content in the Copra (Dried Coconut Kernel) used for oil extraction. Suboptimal moisuture content also compromises the nutrient value of Coconut Oil which in turn could harm ones's health. vNatural overcomes these shortcomings by virtue of its indigenously developed 'NutriSustain' process that sustains the naturally occurring nutrients in Coconut Oil.

NutriSustain is a multi-stage procedure whereby select 1St Grade Copra are literally handpicked for optimally aged ‘mould-free’ Copra. 1St Grade Copra is put through a stringent process of standardization whereby the moisture content of oil extracted is maintained to an optimal level. This standardization brings alive the properties of natural occurring nutrients in Coconut Oil that also kick starts the delectable aroma and taste.

Thus, vNatural’s NutriSustain ensures that you get to consume 100% pure Coconut Oil blessed with its natural bounty of antioxidants and nutrients with a longer shelf life than competing products.

Nutritional Facts:

(Approximate per 100 grams of the product)

Energy - 900CalSaturated Fat - 92gMono Unsaturated Fat - 7gPoly Unsaturated Fat - 2gTrans Fat - 0gCarbohydrates - 0gProtein - 0gCholesterol - 0gSugar - 0g
Energy - 900Cal
Saturated Fat - 92g
Mono Unsaturated Fat - 7g
Poly Unsaturated Fat - 2g
Trans Fat - 0g
Carbohydrates - 0g
Protein - 0g
Cholesterol - 0g
Sugar - 0g